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A Question of Bias

Some treatments of
Laura (Riding) Jackson

Mark Jacobs and Alan Clark

Hiroshima Studies in English Language and Literature, Vol. 21, Nos. 1 and 2, 1971. 1-29. [Summary] [Notes]

This essay has its origins in our reading of Anthony Thwaite's Contemporary English Poetry: An Introduction, a textbook first published in Japan in May 1957, and revised for publication in Britain in April 1959 (Heinemann); it was re-issued in 1964. The book, with its treatment of Laura (Riding) Jackson's work and of herself, did not come to our attention for some time, but so much of a similar sad nature has been published both before and after its appearance that we have found it to provide an adequate focus for thought on the matter of misreporting of critical fact.

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