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Contemporaries & Snobs

Contemporaries & Snobs

A new edition to be published in Autumn 2013 by University of Alabama, Modern and Contemporary Poetics Series
edited by Jane Malcolm and Laura Heffernan Contemporaries & Snobs was composed at the same time as A Survey of Modernist Poetry and the latter more popular, indeed famous, book is based on its principles and ideas.

See 'Laura (Riding) Jackson and Robert Graves:
The Question of Collaboration' Gravesiana
Volume 3, No.2, Summer 2010
by Mark Jacobs

Key Words - Number 10, 2012
Review by Morag Shiac

John  Nolan  and  Carroll  Ann Friedmann (eds), The Person I Am: The Literary Memoirs of Laura  (Riding) Jackson.
Nottingham: Trent Editions, 2011. 2 vols, 372 pp. & 354 pp. £15 each, pb. Laura (Riding) Jackson Series: General Editor, Mark Jacobs.

ISBN 978-1-84233-1439 and 978-1-84233-1446


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