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These letters written to Naomi Mitchison along with her replies in 1937 are now added to the Scholar section. They concern Naomi Mitchison's participation in Riding's The World And Ourselves (1938) and refer to the nature of the proposed book and its author's political background. They are from the National Library of Scotland Archive MSS Acc.9186, folder 1, from Laura Riding to Naomi Mitchison, March 6 & 11, 1937. Transcribed by Alan J Clark 16th June 2011, with an attempt to reproduce any minor oddities of capitalisation or punctuation.

Two other new letters of 1970 may be found addressed to William Empson on the subject of A Survey Of Modernist Poetry (1928) and his acknowledgement of it as a source for his first edition of Seven Types Of Ambiguity (1930).


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