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LRJ New Website 2022

 Laura (Riding) Jackson
Mark Jacobs

This website replaces the Nottingham Trent University, UK

Because of the change of internet service at NTU in 2019, the website was dropped and became unmanageable, so that, still based on that website, this one is entirely independent. It is financially sourced by the following, with thanks to all concerned:

Jack Blackmore
Elizabeth Friedmann
Joan Wilentz
Alan Clark
John Nolan

We will now be much more flexible in presenting material pertaining to Laura (Riding) Jackson, for example, by providing outside readers and authors room to comment, add to the website, suggest further improvements, take part in critical debate, bring historical and literary fact to our attention.

Dr. Mark Jacobs is the administrator and designer for this website. He was a teacher, a Nottingham Trent University Fellow in the English Department and founder there of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Archive of letters, books, and various materials. He has been studying Laura Jackson's poetry and prose and publishing essays and articles on her work for sixty years. She is, he holds, a better poet than Yeats, Eliot, Pound, Auden and the others - more intellectual, more lyrical, more grounded.

Jack Blackmore is the co-equal administrator. He

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