Articles, Essays, Stories

Articles, Essays, Stories, Letters etc

D. Articles, essays, stories, letters: contributions to periodicals, books and to biographical dictionaries

D. I. Periodicals, 1: Articles, Essays, Stories
[To 1926 as Laura Riding Gottschalk; 1927-1939 as Laura Riding or L.R., also Madeleine Vara (pseudonym) or M.V.; from 1963, as Laura (Riding) Jackson-though two early occurrences noted below use brackets not parentheses]

1925 - 1974 | 1975 - 1991 | 1992 - 2001


'A Prophecy Or A Plea', The Reviewer, 5, April 1925, pp. 1-7. [Reprinted in First Awakenings..., 1992, pp. 275-280]

'The Anthologist In Our Midst', by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, The Calendar [Of Modern Letters], 4, April-July 1927, pp. 22-36.

'The New Barbarism, And Gertrude Stein', transition, 3, June 1927, pp. 153-168.

'In A Cafe', transition, 7, October 1927, pp. 31-33.

'Jamais Plus' [On Edgar Allan Poe], transition, 7, October 1927, pp. 139-156.

'Fragment' ['There is a woman in this city who loathes me ...'], transition, 10, January 1928, pp. 47-48.

'A Note On White Buildings by Hart Crane', transition, 10, January 1928, pp. 139141.

'Hungry To Hear', transition, 12, March 1928, p. 62.

'Mademoiselle Comet', transition, 13, Summer 1928, pp. 207-208.

'[Answers to] An Enquiry', New Verse, 11, October 1934, pp. 3-5.

[Laura writes ...] [letter-report], Focus I, January 1935, pp. 7-11.

[Laura writes ...] [letter-report], Focus II, February-March 1935, pp. 18-22.

[Laura writes ...] [letter-reports], Focus III, April-May 1935, pp. 7-15; 32-40.

Epilogue I Autumn 1935

'Preliminaries', pp 1-5

'The Idea Of God', by Thomas Matthews and Laura Riding, Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 6-54.

'The Cult Of Failure', by Laura Riding and Madeleine Vara, Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 60-86. [contents: 'The Rimbaud', by L.R. (includes note on Rimbaud by T.E. Lawrence), pp. 60-66; 'Critical Detail', by M.V., pp. 66-86]

'Germany', by Laura Riding, John Cullen, Madeleine Vara, Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 93-129. [includes 'Nietzsche', by M.V., pp. 113-125; 'Germans as a Social Problem', by L.R., pp. 126-129.]

'An Address To An International Audience', by Madeleine Vara, Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 134-143.

'Poems And Poets', Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 144-156.

'Picture-Making', Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 213-219.

'Film-Making', by Len Lye and Laura Riding, Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 231-235. [contents: 'Movement as Language'; 'Movement as a Medium']

'Photography' [Notes to Ward Hutchinson's article], Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 243-245.

[Laura writes ...] [letter-reports], Focus IV, December 1935, pp. 34-39; 51-64.

'In Apology', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 1-7.

'Crime', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 8-56.

'Homiletic Studies' [Introduction], Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 63-64.

'Homiletic Studies: In Defence Of Anger', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 90-107.

'The Exercise Of English', by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 110-136.

'Philosophy And Poetry', by Alan Hodge and Laura Riding, Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 148-160.

'A Film Scenario: Fantasia Of Life', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 162-189.

'Marginal Themes: The Bull Fight', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 193-207.

'Marginal Themes: The Literary Intelligence' [On E.A. Poe and T.S.Eliot], Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 221-230.

'Marginal Themes: George Sand', by Madeleine Vara, Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 243-249. [includes translations of four tales from Contes d'une grand'mère]

'The End Of The World, And After', Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 1-5.

'Politics And Poetry', by Laura Riding, Robert Graves, Harry Kemp, Alan Hodge, Madeleine Vara, Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 6-53. [includes 'Note On German Poets And Politics', by M.V., pp. 51-53]

'The Theme Of Fame', by Madeleine Vara, Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 75-99.

'From A Private Correspondence On Reality', by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp.107-130.

'Humour And Poetry As Related Themes', by James Reeves and Laura Riding, Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 173-190.

'Drama', by Laura Riding, Alan Hodge, Robert Graves, Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 193-226.

'A Letter From England To Majorca', Epilogue III, Spring 1937 pp. 227-229.

'The Justifications Of Advertising', Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 246-255.

'The Latest In Synonymy', by Schuyler and Laura Jackson, Wilson Library Bulletin, 17, November 1942, pp. 219 & 225.

'Introduction For A Broadcast'; 'Continued For Chelsea'; [with personal note by Laura Jackson], Chelsea 12, September 1962, pp. 3-10.

'Further On Poetry' (Excerpts from an essay entitled 'Poetry And The Good'), by Laura [Riding] Jackson[n.b.], Chelsea 14, January 1964, pp. 38-47. [see also below 'Poetry And The Good', 1992]

'Presenza della donna nella civiltå attuale'='On The Role Of Women In Contemporary Society', by Laura (Riding) Jackson, Civiltå delle Macchine, 11, July-August 1963, pp. 22-25.

[also published as]

'The Sex Factor In Social Progress', by Laura [Riding] Jackson[n.b.], Chelsea 16, March 1965, pp. 114-122. [Reprinted in The Word 'Woman'..., 1993, pp. 171-182]

'A Last Lesson In Geography', by Laura Riding [story, with a sequel of 1964 by Laura Riding (Jackson)[n.b.]], Art And Literature, 6, Autumn 1965, pp. 28-43.

'The Telling' [Core-part of the book, with] 'Preface for Chelsea', Chelsea 20-21, May 1967, pp. 117-162; 114-116.

'The Bondage', Chelsea 30-31, June 1972, pp. 24-33. [Reprinted in The Word 'Woman'..., 1993, pp. 191-203]

'A Postscript', Private Library, 5(3), Autumn 1972, pp. 139-147. [On the Seizin Press]

'Correspondence: The Cult Of "Connections"' [article in letter form] [On the Seizin Press], Private Library, 6, Autumn 1973, pp. 133-141.

'Some Autobiographical Corrections Of Literary History', Denver Quarterly, 8(4), Winter 1974, pp. 1-33.

'Variously, As To Stories' [including 'Daisy And Venison' reprinted], Antaeus, 13-14, Spring-Summer 1974, pp. 50-69.

'What, If Not A Poem, Poems?', Denver Quarterly, 9(2) Summer 1974, pp. 1-13.

'Comments On Michael Kirkham's Essay', Chelsea 33, September 1974, pp. 153-159.


'Correspondence: On Ambiguity' [article in letter form], Modern Language Quarterly, 36, March 1975, pp. 102-106.

'Dr. Gove And The Future Of English Dictionaries', with 'Supplementary Comment Concerning George Watson's Thinking On Noam Chomsky', Denver Quarterly, 10(1), Spring 1975, pp. 1-18; 19-25.

'Neglected Books', Antaeus, 20, Winter 1976, pp. 155-157.

'Bertrand Russell, And Others: The Idea Of The Master-Mind', Antaeus, 21-22, Spring-Summer 1976, pp. 125-135.

'Looking Back, Looking Forward', Stand, 17(3), 1976, pp. 40-42.

'Foreword', Chelsea 35, 1976, p. 12.

'It Has Taken Long--', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 13-14.

'Positions', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 15-20.

'Habits Of Linguistic Curtailment', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 22-42.

'Towards The Creation Of A Consciousness Of The Linguistic Ineptitude Of Certain Uses of 'Create', Etc....', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 43-47.

'Twentieth-Century Literary Individualism: A Series Of Considerations' [1-4 (of 8)], Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 48-59.

'The Matter Of Metaphor', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 60-63.

Poetry Log: Random Choices: 'As To Certain Conditions Governing Poem-Making'; 'On Thought, In A Poem'; 'Not Mere Vulgarity'; 'The Road To, In, And Away From, Poetry'; 'Poetry As The Redemption Of Language'; 'On D.H. Lawrence As Poet'; 'To A Friend--On Myth'; 'On Women'; 'To A Young Scholastic'; 'A Comment On A Book Of Poems'; 'To Someone As To The Poet Ted Hughes', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 64-79.

'Incidental Essay On Story', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 82-86.

'For Later Readers Of The Presented Four Stories' ['In The Beginning'; 'Eve's Side Of It'; 'Privateness'; 'In The End'], Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 101-107.

'The Writing Of A Trojan Ending Compared With That Of Progress Of Stories', Chelsea 35, 1976, p. 117.

'Story, And Story-Style: Critical Miniatures' [1-5], Chelsea 35,1976, pp. 136-158.

[An Awkward Story], Chelsea 35, 1976, p. 159.

'From The Introduction [To Praeterita]', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 162-166.

'Hart Crane: The Pity Of It', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 167-176.

'As To Published In Paris', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 177-181.

'The Robert Graves Mystique', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 182-189.

'Open Confidences: Dedicated To All The Honorable': I, Of 1962; II, Of 1966; III, The Late 60's; IV, 'As There Was Less And Less Of Self-Separating, Incidental, Thought, In My Thought', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 192-224.

'Conclusory: A Letter For Everyone', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 225-226.

'Note [On A Check-List Of My Writings By Joyce Wexler]', Chelsea 35, 1976, pp. 238-239.

'The 'Right English' Of Charles M. Doughty', University of Toronto Quarterly, 46(4), Summer 1977, pp. 309-321.

'Suitable Criticism', University of Toronto Quarterly, 47(1), Fall 1977, pp. 74-85.

'Some Notes On Poetry And Poets In This Century, And My Influence', P.N.Review, 9, 1979, pp. 21-23.


'Literary News As Literary History: Chapter for a Book of Memoirs', Massachusetts Review, 21(4), Winter 1980, pp. 663-691.

'Christmastime' [story, with note], Grand Street, 1(2), Winter 1982, pp. 61-62.

'The Missing Story', Grand Street, 1(3), Spring 1982, pp. 69-84.

'Interest: from a Book of Memoirs', Massachusetts Review, 23(3), Autumn 1982, pp. 447-459.

'Backgrounds (a Chapter from a Book of Memoirs)', Glasgow Magazine, 1 ,Winter 1982/83, pp. 23-44.

[Selections reprinted from 'It Has Taken Long' (Chelsea 35, 1976)], Chelsea 42-43, 1983, pp. 302-319.

'Why So Much Talk About Language In Our Time?', P.N.Review, 32,1983, pp. 35-38.

'On C.M. Doughty', P.N.Review, 35, 1983, pp. 34-38.

'Engaging In The Impossible', Sulfur 10, 1984, pp. 4-35.

'Is There A World For Literature?--Is There Literature For A World?', with 'Afterthought', Chelsea 44, 1985, pp. 14-30.

'Christopher C. Norris On The Telling: Irrelevancy As Critical Economy', and 'Response To Mr. Norris' [in 'An Exchange: Laura (Riding) Jackson and Christopher C. Norris'], Language and Style, 19(2), Spring 1986, pp. 196-216.

'Twentieth-Century Change In The Idea of Poetry, And Of The Poet, And Of The Human Being', P.N.Review, 57, 1987, pp. 71-88.

'Introduction To A Book Of Later-Life Commentaries', Sulfur 20, Fall 1987, pp. 86-109.

'As To A Certain Poem & Poetry', Chelsea 47, 1988, pp. 4-5. [The poem is 'Lamenting The Terms Of Modern Praise', here first printed: see Section C, above]

'Interview With Laura (Riding) Jackson', conducted by Elizabeth Friedmann, Chelsea 49, 1990, pp. 3-27. [also published as] 'Laura (Riding) Jackson In Conversation with Elizabeth Friedmann', P.N.Review, 78, March-April 1991, pp. 67-76.

'The Only Possible Ending', P.N.Review, 78, March-April 1991, pp. 76-77.

'Miscellaneous Letters to S.R. and E.F.'; 'Judgement Of One Another'; 'As To Photographs' [in 'Laura (Riding) Jackson (1901-1991): a portfolio'], Chelsea 52, 1991, pp. 47-67, 68, 80.


'Poetry And The Good', P.N.Review, 84, March-April 1992, pp. 20-24. [includes text of 'Further on Poetry', 1964]

'An Autobiographical Summary' [with note by Elizabeth Friedmann], P.N.Review, 97, May-June 1994, pp. 27-34.

'About The Fugitives And Myself' [with a note, 'Something "Different": Laura (Riding) Jackson's Response', by Amber Vogel], Carolina Quarterly, 47(3), Summer 1995, pp. 73-87; 70-72.

'The Promise Of Words', London Review of Books, 17(17), September 7, 1995, pp. 23-24. [cover title: 'Twilight of the Poem']

'The Human Being In Literature' [with a note by Elizabeth Friedmann] [and, 'What, If Not A Poem, Poems?', reprinted from Summer 1974 issue], Denver Quarterly, 31(1), Summer 1996, pp. 37-39; 26-36.

[Correspondence, quoted passim] in 'Authorized Undertakings: Commentary on Graves and Frost in the Unpublished Correspondence of Laura (Riding) Jackson', by Amber Vogel, Carolina Quarterly, 49(2), Winter 1997, pp. 27-39.

'On Two Virtue-Mongers--Robert Graves, Robert Frost', Carolina Quarterly, 49(2), Winter 1997, p. 40.

'The Beginning Of An Unfinished Novel' [with an Afterword, "'The entrada of my house. ..": Laura Riding in Majorca', by Elizabeth Friedmann], Chelsea 64, 1998, pp. 86-108.

'Petty Pomposity, Pompous Pettiness' [On W.H. Auden], P.N.Review, 136, November-December 2000, pp. 26-28.

'To A Poet, in response to the presentation to me of a newly published book of poems...', P.N.Review, 136, November-December 2000, p. 28.

'To Someone Who Has Sent Me A Poem Of Hers Recently Published', P.N.Review, 136, November-December 2000, pp. 28-29.

'Letter To Those Who May Care To Reflect On Me Should There Travel To Them A Report That I Have Died', Chelsea 69, December 2000, p. 7.

'A Little Essay Dedicated To Isabel Claire Schmidt', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 15-16.

'The Serious Angels: A True Story' [with Introduction: 'An Unfinished Story For Children', by Elizabeth Friedmann], Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 19-25; 17-18.

'Definitions For The Use Of Parents In Their Converse With Their Children…', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 26-27.

On Other Poets: 'As To Shakespeare And Others'; 'As To Wordsworth'; 'Thinking About Coleridge'; Poetry And Mystery'; "'Reality"--According To Eliot'; 'Further On Eliot'; 'Jottings On Eliot'; 'Jottings on The Waste Land'; 'William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Others: The American Element'; 'On Ezra Pound'; 'To A Friend Very Seriously Devoted To The Study Of Yeats' Work And Life And Thinking'; 'Yeats And Poetic Magic', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 30-47.

From The Manuscripts Of The Failure Of Poetry [selected & introduced by John Nolan]: 'Reading For The University Of Florida Library'; 'A Poet's Life, A Poet's Truth'; 'Uncompleted Comment On Some Writing In Anarchism Is Not Enough'; 'To A Critic And Poet 1964-65'; 'Word Of Reply To A Young Poet'; 'To A Friend, A Scholarly Devotee Of Yeats'; 'To A Young Friend.. .'; 'To A Student Of My Writings', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 48-69.

'Love', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 70-80.

From A Book Of Later-Life Commentaries: 'A Covenant'; 'The Principle Of  The Thing'; 'On Change', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 81-86; 87-107; 107.

'A Concentrated Impression of H.C.: Laura Riding's Letters To Hart Crane's Biographer Philip Horton' [selected & introduced by Amber Vogel], Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 108-121.

'The Test', Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 122-125.

'The Sufficient Difference' [with Introduction: "'The Little Piece On Death" for Schuyler', by Elizabeth Friedmann], Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 127-142; 126.

'Poetry: Some Considerations Incidental And Fundamental To Envisagement Of What Poetry Is--And Has Been Thought To Be', P.N.Review, 137, January-February 2001.

'The Answer', P.N.Review, 137, January-February 2001.

D.2 Letters To Editors

'Voltaire' [letter], Times Literary Supplement, February 16, 1928, p. 112.

'A Protest' [letter] [On Louis Untermeyer's 'London Letters' of May 12 & May 26, 1928], Saturday Review Of Literature, August 11, 1928, p. 47.

'Romantic Criticism' [letter] [On Humbert Wolfe's use of A Survey Of Modernist Poetry], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Times Literary Supplement, January 3, 1929, p. 12.

'Mr. Graves's Poems' [letter] [On an anonymous review (by Alan Clutton-Brock) of Poems 1929], Times Literary Supplement, December 26, 1929, p. 1097.


'Correction' [of headnote to Herbert Palmer's review of Poems A Joking Word] [letter], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Everyman, January 8, 1931, p. 726.

'Laura Riding answers Herbert E. Palmer' [letter], Everyman, February 12, 1931, p. 91.

'Modern Riddles' [letter] [On an anonymous review (by Alan Clutton-Brock) of four Hours Press poem-collections], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Times Literary Supplement, February 26, 1931, p. 154.

[Letter] [On a review by John Collier], Time and Tide, May 9, 1931, p. 556.

'The Matter Of Communication' [letter] [On an anonymous review (by Geoffrey West) of Laura and Francisca], Times Literary Supplement, March 3, 1932, p. 155.

'Taxi and Gin Shorthand' [letter], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, The Observer (London), February 9, 1936, p. 13.

'On Reviewing "Difficult" Books' [letter], Times Literary Supplement, March 7, 1936, p.204.

'Sören Kierkegaard' [letter], Times Literary Supplement, April 10, 1937, p. 275.

'Riding on Butler' [letter] [On Samuel Butler], Time, April 26, 1937, pp. 4 & 6. 'Neglect Of Poets' [letter], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Daily Telegraph, May 27, 1937, p. 16.

[Poets and Patronage] [letter], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Daily Telegraph, June 15, 1937, p. 16.

'Ink of Poppies' [letter] [Criticism of Dorothy L. Sayers' use of 'A Personal Letter, with a Request for a Reply'], The Spectator, June 18, 1937, p. 1148.

'Correspondence: Sour Puss', New Verse, N.S. 1, January 1939, p. 30.

'Our "Modern" Poetry' [letter], by Laura Riding and Robert Graves, Sunday Times, London, February 19, 1939, p. 16.


'A Letter To The Editor' [On Michael Kirkham on Robert Graves], Minnesota Review, 7(l),1967, pp. 77-79.

'Correspondence' [On Daniel Hoffman on Robert Graves], Shenandoah, 18, Spring 1967, pp. 67-70.

'Blue Estuaries' [letter] [On a review of Louise Bogan's poems], New York Times Book Review, November 24, 1968, p. 52.


'Poetry, Politics and Truth' [letter] [On Ian Hamilton on Selected Poems: In Five Sets], The Observer (London), October 18, 1970, p. 14.

'Letters' [On Roy Fuller and Martin Seymour-Smith], The Review, 24, December 1970, pp. 75-76.

'The Climate Of Criticism' [letter] [On Richard Schickel on Matthew Arnold], New York Times Book Review, January 3, 1971, p. 14.

'Correspondence' [On Robert Graves on A Survey Of Modernist Poetry], Modern Language Quarterly, 32, December 1971, pp. 447-448.

'Laura Riding: Response To Critics' [letter] [On M.L. Rosenthal on Charles Olson], Massachusetts Review, 13, 1972, pp. 519-520.

'Poems And Paraphrases' [letter] [On a review of James Reeves' poems], Times Literary Supplement, November 3, 1972, p. 1342.

'The Telling' [letter] [On an anonymous review (by Donald Davie) of The Telling and Selected Poems: In Five Sets], Times Literary Supplement, March 9, 1973, p. 268.


'Divided Being' [letter] [On Judith Thurman's review of Selected Poems: In Five Sets], The Nation, March 22, 1975, p. 322.

'Telling' [letter] [On Paul Auster's review of Selected Poems: In Five Sets, and The Telling], New York Review of Books, October 2, 1975, pp. 41-42.

'A Private Press' [letter] [On Virgil Thomson on Hugh Ford's Published In Paris], New York Review of Books, April 29, 1976, p. 44.

'The Fugitives Etc.' [letter] [On Julian Symons, James Atlas, Kenneth Marshall], London Magazine, 16(3), August-September 1976, pp. 90-92.

'Not Published In Paris' [letter] [On Linda Bridges on Hugh Ford's Published In Paris], National Review, September 3, 1976, pp. 931, 936.

'Laura (Riding) Jackson' [letter], Sunday Telegraph, January 2, 1977, p. 10.

'Letter to the Editor' [On John Appleton on T.S. Matthews], Newsday, March 5, 1978.


'The Question of "Meaning"' [letter] [On Mark Jacobs' review of Selected Poems: In Five Sets], P.N.Review, 17, 1980, p. 3.

'Laura Riding' [letter] [On Julian Symons on Joyce Wexler], Times Literary Supplement, September 12, 1980, p. 995.

[On Julian Symons on Joyce Wexler] [letter], AB Bookman's Weekly, December 1, 1980, p. 3654.

'A Dying Fall: A Lying Word' [letter] [On Dennis Keene's article in PNR 17], P.N.Review, 20, 1981, p. 3.

'Literary Mentioning' [letter] [On Spender on Yeats on Riding], Paris Review, 79, 1981, pp. 301-304.

'Reply' [letter] [On Robert Fraser's review of The Poems Of Laura Riding], English, 31, Spring 1982, pp. 85-90.

'Taking Stock of PN Review' [letter], P.N.Review, 27, 1982, p. 5.

'With Best Love From Laura' [letter] [On Kingsley Amis on Martin Seymour-Smith's Robert Graves ...], The Observer, June 20, 1982.

[Letter] [On Anthony Burgess on Martin Seymour-Smith], Times Literary Supplement, July 16, 1982.

'Progress of Stories' [letter] [On Harry Mathews' review, 'Queen Story'], New York Review of Books, August 12, 1982, p. 48.

'Masculinism' [letter] [On Paul Delany on Martin Seymour-Smith and Paul O'Prey], London Review of Books, August 18, 1982, p. 4.

'Robert Graves' [letter] [On Andrew Motion on Martin Seymour-Smith and Paul O'Prey], Times Higher Education Supplement, September 3, 1982.

[On Jed Rasula's review of The Poems of Laura Riding and Progress of Stories] [letter], Sulfur 8, Fall 1983, pp. 211-212.

[On Benjamin Friedlander, Charles Bernstein, Ezra Pound, and 'Jewishism'] [letter], Sulfur 14, 1985, pp. 148-150.

'[On] the Chelsea Retrospective (1958-83)' [letter], Chelsea 44, 1985, pp. 31-33.

'Robert Graves' [letter] [On Peter Kemp's review of a BBC Bookmark programme], Times Literary Supplement, February 21, 1986.

'Being Selective' [letter] [On current poetry as exemplifying human stasis], P.N.Review, 51, 1986, pp. 3-4.

'Letters of Robert Graves' [letter] [On John Montague's review of Paul O'Prey's 1984 selection], Encounter, 67(5), December 1986, p. 79-80.

'Taking His Measure' [letter] [On John Wain on Richard Perceval Graves], New York Review of Books, September 24, 1987, pp. 59-60.

'Women's Poetry' [letter] [On Avril Horner on Fleur Adcock's Faber Book of 20th Century Women's Poetry], P.N.Review, 61, 1988, p. 5.

D. III. Contributions to Books

'The Quids' [from The Fugitive, 3, 1924], in Contemporary Techniques of Poetry, A Political Analogy, by Robert Graves.-London: Hogarth Press, 1925.-pp. 19-21. (The Hogarth Essays, 8)

'World's End' (from Love As Love, Death As Death [1928]) [poem used as 'introductory motto'], in Good-Bye To All That, by Robert Graves.-London: Cape, 1929.-p. 10; New York: Jonathan Cape & Harrison Smith, 1930.-p. [ix]. (Reissued.-London; Toronto: Cape, 1931; New York, Blue Ribbon, 1931)

'World's End' = 'Weltende' [poem used as epigraph, with German paraphrase] in Strich Drunter! [Good-Bye To All That, by Robert Graves, translated into German] von G.M.Treviranus.-Berlin: Transmare Verlag, 1930.

'A Letter' [declining to contribute], in Americans Abroad: an anthology, ed. Peter Neagoe.-The Hague: Servire Press, 1932.-pp. 326-327.

'Preface To These Poems', in The Natural Need, by James Reeves.-Deyá, Majorca: Seizin Press; London: Constable, 1935.-pp. 7-8. ['Preface…' is a poem, from which the book's title is taken]

'In A Café' [reprinted], in transition workshop, ed. Eugene Jolas.-New York: Vanguard Press, 1949.-pp. 114-115.

['The Fable Of The Dice', from Experts Are Puzzled, 1930, with extracts from author's comment of 1971 on the story, here first published; with discussion by Alan Clark] in The Predicament Of Man: An Examination Of Policies For The Future, ed. Maurice Goldsmith.-London: Science Policy Foundation, 1972.-section 5, pp. 12; 16.

[Letters to W.B. Yeats, 1936: 23 April, 29 April, 15 May], in Letters to W.B. Yeats; vol. 2, ed. Richard Finneran, George Mills Harper, William M. Murphy.-London: Macmillan, 1977.-Appendix, pp. 609-611.

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'Letter' [Jan. 5, 1985] [declining to contribute], in Kanreki: A Tribute To Allen Ginsberg, pt. 2, ed. Bill Morgan.-New York: Lospecchio Press, 1986..-p. 73. [No L.(R.) J. work in pt 1: Best Minds: A Tribute To Allen Ginsberg, ed. Bill Morgan, Bob Rosenthal; same publisher & year]

'In A Café' [reprinted], in In transition: A Paris Anthology; Writing and Art from transition magazine 1927-30, ed. Noel Riley Fitch.-London: Secker & Warburg, 1990.-pp. 182-183.

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'World's End' (from Love As Love, Death As Death [1928]) [poem used as 'introductory motto'], in Good-Bye To All That: An Autobiography [1929], by Robert Graves; edited, with a biographical essay and annotations, by Richard Perceval Graves.-Providence RI; Oxford: Berghahn, 1995.-p. 3.

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[Letters to Donald Gallup 1952-1986; quoted passim], in 'Laura Riding Jackson'[sic], in What Mad Pursuits!: more memories of a Yale librarian, by Donald C. Gallup.-New Haven CT: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, 1998.-pp. 143-166.

'The Human and the Universal', in Laura (Riding) Jackson & the Promise of Language: Catalogue of an Exhibition, October 1998-January 1999, by Margaret F. Nichols.-Ithaca NY: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, 1998.-pp. 35-38.


D. IV. Some Articles On L.(R.) J. In Biographical Reference Books containing comment or information supplied by her

[Entries under Riding, Laura or Jackson, Laura (Riding), sometimes with alternate name entered for cross-reference]

International Who's Who [annual], 1937-1991 [nb 1937-1940 entries possibly unchecked by L.R.]

Who's Who [annual], 1942-1991

Who Was Who, Vol. 9:1991-1995

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