Box 10 1980-1989

Laura (Riding) Jackson
Letters 1980-84

Provenance: to Mark Jacobs

References 0412-0560

[Note: letters of more than two pages are indicated, eg., ‘12pp’]

January 1 James Mathias; thesis; Leverhulme

January 3 PNReview 15 Selected Poems review; thesis; L(R)J’s post-poetry review

January 6 Death of G. S. Fraser

March 13 6pp Poem ‘World’s End’ and cottage in Oxford. G. S Fraser, review of Selected Poems; James Mathias

April 17 2pp Leverhulme and support

May 25 Misquotation of ‘Second-Death’ from Carcanet’s corrupted copy

June 9 PNReview 15 Selected Poems review; Leverhulme

October 1 5pp Hugh Ford Published in Paris and Private Library; Pelican Guide to English Literature

November 6 Leverhulme

November 8 James Mathias

November 22 Guardian review of Collected Poems; MJ book and biographical features

November 25 To Alan Clark, copy to MJ, ‘The Question of Bias’

December 22 5pp Robert Nye review of Collected Poems; Jon Silkin

December 24 To Alan Clark, copy to MJ, ‘The Question of Bias’ and revision

December 24 Robert Nye photograph at L(R)J’s house


May 4 Copy of letter to J. E. Bennett, Leverhulme

January 28 Personal affairs

February 16 Leverhulme biographical

March 15 Leverhulme biographical
March 15 Leverhulme biographical, James Mathias

April 15 4pp Personal relations, MJ, James Mathias

October 6 Copy of letter to Leverhulme

October 9 Leverhulme. Robert Canary, MLA seminar, Joyce Wexler, Robert Graves. W. H. Auden and Loren Eisley

November 20 Robert Canary; Robert Graves

December 13 3pp Leverhulme. Jack Blackmore, Peter Johnson.

February 5 Leverhulme


May 6 Leverhulme

May 20 Comments on work sent. Peter Johnson. Alan Clark and ‘Bias’ essay. Sunday Times letter.

June 2 Sunday Times letter

June 7 Claire Tomalin, Times Literary Supplement, Martin Seymour-Smith and Robert Graves

June 9 Times Higher Education Supplement, The Times, Robert Graves, Nancy Nicholson and Geoffrey Phibbs

June 16 Robert Graves, ‘The Question of Bias’, Alan Clark

June 30 ‘The Question of Bias’, Robert Graves and extension. Norman Cameron, Julian Symons, Martin Seymour-Smith. Letter to Punch.

August 3 Robert Graves, Martin Seymour-Smith, Julian Symons, Norman Cameron, Joyce Wexler, Kenneth Gay; John Lucas.

October 2 Jack Blackmore; Robert Graves

October 31 Times Literary Supplement and Progress of Stories review; Theodore Wilentz. Jack Blackmore

November 24 Alan Clark. Jack Blackmore. ‘The Lady and the Apple’.


January 22 3pp Jack Blackmore. W. H. Auden and Edward Mendelson.

February 11 Poetry Review and Robert Graves

February 22 John Aldridge

May 11 The Rattle-Bag and Faber and Faber

May 21 Personal criticism

December 31 Receipt of book


January 6 Martin Symour-Smith, London Review of Books, Robert Graves

April 12 Letter of thanks

April 30 Book criticism; James Mathias

October 9 Book criticism; ‘Poems of Mythical Occasion’; Barbara Adams. Break with James Mathias

October 25 Personal criticism. Break with James Mathias


November Elizabeth Friedmann.