Box 2 – 1972

Laura (Riding) Jackson
Letters 1972

To Mark Jacobs


[Note: letters of more than two pages are indicated, e.g., ‘12pp’)

11 May News on the author’s Chelsea publications and The Telling; comments on Minnesota Review and Modern Language Quarterly, Dec. 1971

13 May. 1p. Copy of letter to G. S. Fraser
Hugh Ford, John Cotton, Joyce Wexler (allusion to)

Undated 1972. 4 pp Martin Seymour-Smith, Robert Graves, G.S. Fraser

Continuation of above. 12pp As above. Letter sent in series of posts.

May 13
Copy of letter to Mr. Alan Clark Introduction to MJ. News on The Telling; The World And Ourselves, Four BBC Four Unposted Letters to Catherine

May 18 Hugh Ford. Counselling on the use of ‘Ms’, ‘Miss’, ‘Mrs’.

Undated Photocopy of article from P.E.N. International Quarterly, ‘On Translating Hungarian Poetry’, Fall 1972, with marginalia commentary

1 June Alan Clark, Robert Graves, Higginson’s bibliography of RG. World And Ourselves; BBC Four Unposted Letters To Catherine; ‘Last Lesson In Geography’ (for Art And Literature). Brief comments and corrections on a number of books and poems.

4 June. Hart Crane, Julian Symons, Roy Fuller, Ian Hamilton and The Review

8 June MJ in reply to L(R)J

11 June Robert Graves, Higginson and bibliography and ascriptions of Convalescent Conversations and No Decency Left; W.H. Auden

16 June MJ in reply to L(R)J

17 June The Fugitives and academic misrepresentation

20 June Robert Sproat and Albert Burns’ correspondence. RG’s Seven Days In New Crete

21 June Continuing above

24 June R. Sproat, A. Burns, The World And Ourselves microfiche; RG and The White Goddess

27 June MJ reply to L(R)J

16 July Julian Symon’s essay on meeting L(R)J and RG; Mass Observation and The World and Ourselves. Stanley Kunitz. John Fuller and comments on L(R)J and Hart Crane. Michael Kirkham

17 July Hugh Ford, John Cotton, Private Library, Robert Graves and Published In Paris. Seven Days In New Crete and ‘plagiary’

19 July Poetry RG and his ‘acquisitions’ from L(R)J. The ‘Orwellian nightmares’ of 20th C.

21 July Hugh Ford and Seizin Press. Albert Burns’ correspondence (Robert Sproat). The Telling

22 July Instructions on use of Burns letters

27 July Personal health. Hannah Arendt and ‘Post-Marxian self-consciousness and the new Left’ in literature’. Stephen Spender as ‘fatuous’

6 August Joyce Wexler and George Fraser, dissertations, supervision and help

6th August MJ to L(R)J

Undated (7 August) Robert Sproat’s permission for Burns correspondence

Accompanying the above:

A Retrospective note on The World And Ourselves to accompany the copy in Cornell University Library

10 August, 10pp Correction of MJ’s view of RG and a warning. The matter of ‘plagiary’ and ‘stealing’. Albert Burns. Patricia Butler and  Selected Poems: In Five Sets. Alan Sillitoe and bearing tales from Mallorca after staying with RG. The Telling and obstructive reviews.

11-12 August, 6pp Supplementary to above on MJ and RG. Hannah Arendt further word. Correct procedure of study of L(R)J’s books

12 August Expenditure on postage

16 August Michael Kirkham and crisis. Joyce Wexler; obtaining proofs of The Telling

28 August MJ reply to L(R)J

31 August MJ reply to L(R)J

3 September Publication of The Telling by Athlone Press

4 September Question of Sproat correspondence and its return

6 September Obtaining The Telling. RG and scholastic diffidence. Alan Clark and The Private Library. Hostility to Selected Poems by reviewers

8 September, 5pp The difficulty of perception of RG and RGG and ‘woman’. G.S. Fraser. Introduction to Joyce Wexler.

15 September Mail and postage problems

16 September Reviewing The Telling

20 September Continuing mail and postage of 15 September

17 September MJ reply to L(R)J

25 September Viewing her work as ‘in movement’. Joyce Wexler and L(R)J help

26 September (Postscript to above) The matter of her word-use and that of others’

27 September Copy of an extract from Joyce Wexler letter

30 September MJ personal matters. Margin comment on Roy Fuller, Frederic Grubb and M.Seymour-Smith

2 October A misprint and The Telling

15 October MJ and understanding The Telling; Joyce Wexler

24 October MJ, The Telling as poetry and ‘butchery, and the understanding of words

13 November Continuing above

2 December The Telling and its treatment. Robert Nye and danger. Alan Hodge and traitor and RG and The Reader Over Your Shoulder. Harry Kemp. John Crowe Ransom and New Criticism and A Survey Of Modernist Poetry. Allen Tate

3 December Postcard postscript to above. TLS November 3 letter on a review of RG

Last inclusions

Packet of empty airmail envelopes belonging to the letters. Packet of postcards (Seminole Indians, etc.)