Box 6 – 1976


[Note: letters of more than two pages are indicated, e.g., ‘12pp’]

2 January 1976 Reference to Experts Are Puzzled; George and Paddy Fraser.

4 February Epilogue, ‘Correspondence’, RG; Selected Poems, The Telling, Alan Clark, Chelsea #35, Antaeus, ‘Neglected Books’, ‘Gertrude Russell And Others: The Cult of the Master-Mind’, Denver Quarterly, 14A, Convalescent Conversations, Barbara Rich; Progress of Stories, Experts Are Puzzled, Four Unposted Letters to Catherine, GS Fraser; A.R. Humphries, Prof. J. S. Cunningham, Prof. M.L. Rosenthal, Mass. Review, i.

30 March Reference to Tolley, Auden, Alan Clark, Thwaite.

15 June TLS, Susan Morris; Metaphor, Chelsea #35.

27 June. 7pp. Reference to Alan Clark, Sonia Raizis, Chelsea #35, Cornell, Prof. Yuasa; comments and corrections on MJ and AC’s ‘Bias’ essay.

Undated. 5pp. Cont’d from 27 June – notes on MJ’s text with references to ‘truth’, RG and The Telling.

26 July Reference to Alan Clark, Japan, Prof. Yuasa.

30 July Reference to Alan Clark and Chelsea #35.

Undated Reference to L(R)J’s letter on James Atlas article in London Magazine, RG, Nancy Nicholson, Survey, Alan Clark, Richard Ellmann’s Oxford Book of 20th Century Verse, Oxford University Press, Norton Anthology, Faber’s Anthology of Modern English Verse or Poetry, Selected Poems, Collected Poems, Michael Kirkham; Sonia Raizis, Robert Sproat; Empson.

1 August Reference to the Telling, GS Fraser, MJ and The Primary Vision: A Study of the Work of Laura (Riding) Jackson, Minnesota Review; Susan Morris.
Copy sent to Alan Clark.

21 August. 6pp. Reference to Prof. Yuasa, Alan Ross, Anthony Dickins.
Copy sent to Alan Clark.

10 September. 6pp. References to a Trojan Ending, Lives of Wives, The World and Ourselves; Chelsea #35, Antaeus; the Telling, ‘Dictionary’; Thwaite, TLS, The Hogarth Press, Alan Clark.

28 September. 3pp. References to Sonia Raizis; BBC 1962, Selected Poems; Thwaite, Alan Clark; Four Unposted Letters to Catherine.

7 October. 4pp. References to Sproat, Boston University; Sonia Raizis, Chelsea, Published in Paris; Harvard Reading, Thwaite; George Fraser, Martin Seymour-Smith, Harry Kemp, Jim Mathias; Epilogue.

8 October. 6pp. References to the Survey, George Watson of Cambridge, Chomsky, The Denver Quarterly, Cambridge School of English, Richards, Empson, Shakespeare’s 129th Sonnet, RG; St. Johns College Cambridge; George Fraser; Alan Clark; Simon Gough, Seizin Press.

13 October Reference to George Fraser, St. John’s College Cambridge, Survey, Empson, RG, 'Ambiguity'; Japanese article, Alan Clark.

28 October Letter to MJ from Sonia Raizis with reference to L(R)J, Chelsea.

28 October References to George Watson, the Survey; Japan, Alan Clark; The Telling, Honor Wyatt, Four Unposted Letters; Michael Kirkham.

12 November Reference to Howard Woolmer; the Duckers, Michael; George Watson, 'Ambiguity', Survey-and-Empson matter, Denver Quarterly, Chomsky, RG; Alan Clark, Honor.

14 November Letter to MJ and Alan Clark; reference to L(R)J’s will, Sonia Raizis, Theodore Wilentz, Robert Sproat; Denver Quarterly.

16 November References to Sonia Raizis, Denver Quarterly, Survey, Alan Clark, Susan, Chelsea #35, Japanese essay ‘Bias’; George Fraser.

18 November References to Martin Seymour-Smith, TLS, Alan Clark, Japanese article, ‘Bias’, RG.

4 December References to George Fraser, Paddy Fraser, Martin Seymour-Smith, Denver Quarterly, Gerald Chapman; Alan Clark, The Yale Review, Japan, RG, London Magazine, American magazine; George Watson, 'Ambiguity', Denver Quarterly, Chomsky, Wexler, Cornell Library, Samuel Hynes.

8 December. 3pp. References to George Fraser, Susan; Sonia Raizis, Alan Clark, L(R)J’s will, Theodore Wilentz, Cornell, James M. Mathias of the Guggenheim Foundation, the Atlas review, Poetry, American magazine, London Magazine, Faber, Ellmann, Joyce Wexler, Leavis, Richards, Empson, Oxford University Press; Faber and Faber, Charles Monteith, Collected Poems; Thwaite; Watson, Chomsky, Denver Quarterly, Survey, Martin Seymour-Smith, Contemporary Poets, Praeterita, 'Sex and Society', Chelsea, Miss. Tiers; Louise Cowan, Fugitives; RG.

25 December George and Paddy Fraser; Alan Clark, Michael Kirkham; L(R)J’s ailments; Mr. Mathias; Denver Quarterly, Survey.