Box 7 – 1977

Laura (Riding) Jackson
Letters 1977

Provenance: To Mark Jacobs

Referenced: 0171-0261

[Note: letters of more than two pages are indicated, eg., ‘12pp’]

21 January Reference to London Magazine, Japanese publication, Alan Clark; Martin Seymour-Smith, Robert Graves, Contemporary Poets, Praeterita; Chelsea  issue 35.

24 January Getrude Stein, Contemporaries and Snobs, A Survey of Modernist Poetry

26 January Reference to George Fraser; James Atlas article in Sept-Oct issue; Alan Clark; L(R)J’s will.

29 January Reference to L(R)J’s ill health; George Fraser, English Poets, Chaucer, Philips, Tolley, Hynes, Alan Clark; RG; Blackwell.

18 February. 4pp. Letter to Alan Clark from L(R)J. References to Chelsea  issue 35; John Cotton, Dr. Inge. Virginia Commonwealth University, Publishers Weekly, Joyce Wexler’ Michael Kirkham, Sonia Raizis, Alfredo de Palch, A Survey, George Watson; RG, The Literary Critics; Mr. Shelmerdine of London films, MJ, John Aldridge; Robin Myers, Dr. Smith-Lockwood matter, Kenneth Gay matter; V. Cassidy; Martin Seymour-Smith; University of Toronto Quarterly, Doughty, Kroll on Sylvia Plath; Denmark Radio, ‘Afternoon’; Barbara Adams, Macmillan, Frances McCullough, Hugh Ford; Mr. Lisemore, Cornell, Buffalo; Mr. Mathias/Mr. Jim.

19 February Michael Kirkham, Alan Clark, Dr. Inge, Joyce Wexler; James McKinley, RG.

22 February Reference to the Yale Review, PEN, Douglas Day, Alan Clark, George Fraser.

24 February Reference to George Watson, RG, Survey.

24 February Letter to L(R)J from MJ.

1 March Reference to Martin Seymour-Smith; Blackwell.

1 March. 4pp. References to Wexler, Ohio University Press, The Telling, Jim Mathias, Michael Kirkham; The Four Decades; Martin Seymour-Smith, George Watson, Survey; George Fraser; I.A. Richards, Empson.
Copy to Alan Clark

6 March Reference to Michael Kirkham, Auden, The Telling, 'Poetry Makes Nothing Happen', Epilogue, p. 87 Contemporaries and Snobs, Anarchism Is Not Enough; Harper & Row, Joyce Wexler; George Fraser, RG, Lives of Wives, A Trojan Ending, Voltaire, the Survey, Cambridge Bibliography, Alan Clark, George Watson.

11 March Reference to Dec. 1974 MLA Seminar, Thwaite, 'A View of Robert Graves', Survey; TLS, Faber anthology; Leonard Woolmer Riding Collection. 2 notes on W. H. Auden included.

11 March. 3pp. George Fraser; Michael Kirkham; Acquaintances with Description.

13 March. 4pp. Letter to L(R)J from MJ

15 March Reference to Joyce Wexler; George Fraser, London Magazine, Alan Clark; Chelsea  issue 35, Sonia Raizis, Alfredo de Palchi; Four Decades, Mr. Woolmer.

15 March (Cont’d from above) George Fraser, The Yale Review, Sewanee Review, Allen Tate, Ransom, Kenyon Review, Harry Kemp, Martin Seymour-Smith, Harper & Row, Joyce Wexler, Michael Kirkham; The Telling.

15 March Letter to L(R)J from MJ

16 March Reference to Michael Kirkham, George Fraser; Acquaintances with Description.

20 March. 3pp. References to Martin Seymour-Smith, Alan Clark, Japan contact; George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Tolley; Epilogue and The Left Heresy, 'Crime', 'Bull-fighting', World and Ourselves, Four Unposted Letters; Soren Kierkegaard, Chelsea issue 35, Mr. Woolmer, Harper & Row, the Telling Notes, Spinoza, Auden; Selected Poems, Lives of Wives; the use of 'Ms'; RG, New York Review of Books, MLA Seminar.

21 March Letter to L(R)J from MJ

23 March 5pp. Reference to Harper & Row; Wexler, University Press; Collected Poems, Michael Kirkham, review of Selected Poems in Cambridge Quarterly; Epilogue, Telling; Lives of Wives review; Ivan Tillich, Chelsea 30/31; , George Fraser; Leonard Woolmer.

23 March. 3pp. Reference to the Epilogue 'Idea of God'; Leonard Woolmer; 'Philosophy & Poets'.

25 March Reference to George Fraser, Harry Kemp, RG, Martin Seymour-Smith; Omens; Auden, Terence Diggory.

25 March. 8pp. References to Survey, RG, George Fraser, the Telling; John Heath-Stubbs; Michael Kirkham; James Atlas, London Magazine.

27 March. 6pp. Reference to W.H. Auden; Michael Kirkham.

29 March Letter to L(R)J from MJ

6 April Reference to James Atlas letter, Alan Ross, London Magazine; RG; George Watson, Survey; Monteith, editor Faber.

7 April. 6pp. Reference to London Magazine; John Heath-Stubbs, Mr. Monteith.

9 April Reference to Edwin Morgan, Michael Kirkham, W. H. Auden, Michael Schmidt; Covenant of Literal Morality, Praeterite; RG & associates of ours, Norman Cameron, 1940 relations.

11 April. 7pp. Reference to James Atlas letter, Omens, George Fraser; 'Philosophy & Poets', Martin Buber, Kierkegaard; Edwin Morgan…

11 April Reference to MJ’s new home and book-shop; Leonard Woolmer; Theodore Wilentz, the Yale University Book Store; Universities Quarterly.

12 April. 4pp. Reference to W.H. Auden, Omens, George Fraser; Chelsea  issue 35, Michael Kirkham; Leonard Woolmer.

21 April Letter to L(R)J from MJ

23 April Reference to Alan Clark, Japanese article, Martin Seymour-Smith; Michael Kirkham, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Chelsea  issue 35, Collected Poems.

23 April Reference to Terence Diggory’s thesis on Yeats, W. H. Auden, Richard Ellman, Oxford Book of American Verse, Oxford Press; Alan Clark, Joyce Wexler, Samuel Hynes, Ohio University Press; Japanese article, Martin Seymour-Smith; George Fraser, Edwin Morgan.

24 April. 3pp. Reference to L(R)J’s will, Sonia Raizis, Alan Clark, MJ, Michael Kirkham; Gertrude Stein letters, Cornell, Yale; Lives of Wives, Kierkegaard, Chelsea; Joyce Wexler, Harper & Row, Telling; Leonard Woolmer, Edwin Morgan, Carcanet Press, ‘Work Left Behind in Mallorca’, The Word Woman; John Heath-Stubbs.

28 April Reference to Alan Ross, James Atlas, London Magazine; Alan Clark, Ruth Padel, Julian Symons; Essays in Criticism, Michael Kirkham, Selected Poems, Cambridge Quarterly, Preaterita; Alan Clark, Cornell, Sonia Raizis.

28 April (Cont’d from previous letter of 28 April) Reference to Alan Clark, MJ, Michael Kirkham.

1 May Reference to L(R)J’s letter to Alan Ross; George Fraser, John Heath-Stubbs, The Modern Writer and His World Penguin Revised Ed. 1964. p.337 & comment on p.341; TLS 22 April 1977, Maurice Richardson’s review of Derek Stanford's Inside the Future’; Schlegel.

2 May Reference to Curtis Brown; George Fraser, Chelsea  issue 35; Edwin Morgan.

5 May. 4pp. Notes and comments on MJ’s writing; L(R)J’s will.

7 May. 3pp. Reference to Terence Diggory’s dissertation, Cornell; Alan Clark, George Fraser; Richard Ellman, Joyce Wexler, Samuel Hynes, Michael Kirkham; Mrs McCully, Harper & Row; Edwin Morgan, Littack, the Telling; Alan Ross, James Atlas.

8 May Reference to John Heath-Stubbs, George Fraser, Sonia Raizis, Chelsea  issue 35, New Verse, Louise Cowan and the Fugitives, Edwin Morgan, Robert Nye.

8 May Letter to L(R)J from MJ

9 May Reference to MJ’s new address

11 May Reference to Masopust’s dissertation; George Fraser, Chelsea  issue 35, Selected Poems.

16 May Reference to Four Unposted Letters

17 May. 3pp. Reference to Terence Diggory, Alan Clark; Mr. Monteith, Faber, Blackwell, Art of Dying, Leonard Woolmer; Theodore Wilentz, Christopher Stephens, Curtis Brown, Harper & Row; Alan Ross, James Atlas, London Magazine; Edwin Morgan, The Covenant, Kierkegaard, Buber, the Telling, Gertrude Stein; Michael Kirkham, Chelsea, Ivan Tillich; Martin Seymour-Smith, the Sunday Telegraph, Praeterita; Sonia Raizis, Chelsea  issue 35.

31 May Reference to TLS 10 April 1937 – L(R)J’s letter on Kierkegaard; Lives of Wives, Joyce Wexler, A Trojan Ending.

1 June Reference to Manchester Guardian, Martin Dodsworth; Michael Hamburger Truth of Poetry, Heisenbuttel, Bayars, Robert Nye; Gertrude Stein, Acquaintance with Description; Hugh Ford article on Seizin Press.

3 June Reference to Susan Morris, Gertrude Stein essay; Seizin Press, RG; Pergamon Press, Mr. Charles Monteith (Faber), Houghton Miller Publishers.

6 June. 5pp. References to Roy Fuller, Alan Clark, Rigby Graham, John Cotton, Hugh Ford article, T.E. Lawrence & Seizin Press, RG; Roger Hickman and The Brewhouse Press, The Sycamore Press; Enitharmion Press, Kathleene Raine, George Fraser;

6 June. 3pp. References to Carcanet Press, Leonard Woolmer; Alan Ross, London Magazine; Edwin Morgan.

23 June. 3pp. References to L(R)J, Schuyler Jackson, his first wife (Katherine) & RG; T.S. Matthews, Harper & Row. Literary Estate, Michael Kirkham, Theodore Wilentz, James Mathias, George Fraser; Carcanet Press, Roger Hickman.

2 July (Letter to Alan Clark and MJ). Reference to MJ and AC’s article; T.S. Matthews, Schuyler’s first wife Katherine; Sonia Raizis, Esther Antell, Theodore Wilentz.

3 July. 3pp. Reference to the Japanese article, Martin Seymour-Smith, Alan Clark; T.S. Matthews; Harper & Row, Michael Kirkham; T. E. Lawrence to His Biographer by RG.

7 July. 4pp. Reference to Alan Clark, T.S. Matthews, Tom Driberg; Observer cutting, Carcanet Press, the PN Review, Ms., Harper & Row; Leonard Woolmer; Michael Kirkham, Joyce Wexler, RG; Schyuler, Cornell; Roy Fuller, Covenant, Chelsea, Sonia Raizis; letters to L(R)J from T.E. Lawrence re: 1929 suicide; Mrs. McCullough.

7 July Letter to L(R)J from MJ

16 July Reference to T.S. Matthews; Sonia Raizis, Alan Clark, Michael Kirkham, Mr. Mathias; ; Ms. McCullough.

17 July Reference to MJ’s and Alan Clark’s letters to TLS; George Moor, Cooper, D. J. Enright, Chatto and Windus, George Watson; letter from Mrs. Robert Graves.

19 July Reference to  Jacobs; Pete Johnson, T.S. Matthews, Epilogue.

24 July. 9pp. Reference to Mr. Schmidt; Ms. Falk, Harper & Row; Ms.; Mrs. McCullough, T.S. Matthews, Michael Kirkham; notes and comments on MJ’s dissertation.

24 July. 7pp. Notes and comments on MJ’s dissertation with particular reference to Robert Graves-Nancy Nicholson, ‘The Quids’ and Egypt and W.B Yeats.

26 July Reference to Joyce Wexler’s dissertation, in particular, her references to Anarchism, 'Jocasta'; Read and Hulme, Poe, 'The Raven'; George & Paddy Fraser.

29 July Reference to T.S. Matthews; MJ and Alan Clark’s article.

2 August. 4pp. Reference to Alan Clark, George Fraser; Joyce Wexler, Ohio University Press; T.S. Matthews; Terence Diggory; Pete Johnson.

3 August Reference to Joyce Wexler; Thwaite, MLA Seminar, Denver Quarterly, Encounter; Michael Kirkham.

3 August Reference to MJ’s letter of 26 July

12 August Reference to MJ and Alan Clark, Michael Kirkham, RG; Thwaite, Encounter; Joyce Wexler, Samuel Hynes, George Fraser.

13 August Reference to 'How Blind and Bright'; Michael Kirkham; Sylvia Plath article, University of Toronto Quarterly, Doughty; Bromwich.

20 August Comments and notes on MJ’s letter to TLS.

22 August References to T.S Matthews, Bromwich review; August TLS.

24 August References to Ogden-I.A. Richards; A Survey, The Common Asphodel.

29 August Reference to RG, Survey, MLA Seminar.

31 August Reference to John Sturrock; TLS, Denver Quarterly, The Modern Language Quarterly, The Modern Language Association December 1974; William Empson.

2 September References to TLS, John Sturrock; Kudos.

16 September References to Michael Kirkham, Survey, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound; T.S. Matthews; Sonia Raizis; L(R)J’s notes on the use of words; George and Paddy Fraser; The Life of the Dead; Pritchard.

19 September Notes and corrections on MJ’s dissertation with specific reference to Seizin Press & refusal to RG to continue. MJ’s letter to TLS.

22 September Reference to Mark & , George Fraser; Curtis Brown, Ms.; John Sturrock material.

30 September Reference to George Fraser, Sonia Raizis, Mr. Mathias, Alan Clark; Edwin Morgan; T.S. Matthews, Harper & Row; Leonard Woolmer, Mr. Wilentz.

13 October Reference to Edwin Morgan, Michael Schmidt; Pirate Progress of Stories.

25 October Reference to The Guggenheim Foundation, George and Paddy Fraser, Edwin Morgan; T.S. Matthews; Theodore Wilentz, James Mathias, Sonia Raizis; Rigby Graham, Thwaite.

31 October References to George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, James Mathias, Literary Exec. and T.S. Matthews; Michael Schmidt.

4 November Reference to Sunday Times Review, Alan Clark, Jim, Michael Kirkham, T.S. Matthews; Sonia Raizis; Edwin Morgan, TLS.

10 November Reference to T.S. Matthews, Schuyler Jackson.

13 November Reference to Michael Schmidt, University of Toronto Quarterly, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Sally Chilvers; Alan Clark; T.S. Matthews.

15 November Reference to George Fraser, T.S. Matthews, Progress of Stories; Michael Schmidt, MJ and Alan Clark’s article, Collected Poems, Selected Poems, Faber, Norton, Michael Kirkham’s review in Cambridge Quarterly, James Atlas in Poetry; Chelsea issue 35, Trojan Ending, Victor Cassidy, Wyndham Lewis, Jim Mathias; Harper & Row, N.Y. Times, Sally Chilvers; Under The Mind’s Watch, Guggenheim Foundation, John Cotton, Powers.

16 November Reference to Times review, Jim, Michael Schmidt, review in a Washington paper, T.S. Matthews in Sunday Times Book Review of 20 November. Barbara Adams, Jim Mathias, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Alan Clark, Notre Dame University.

27 November Letter to MJ from Sonia Raizis.

27 November Reference to George and Paddy Fraser, Routledge publishing; Japanese article, London Magazine, The Review, Encounter. Stand, PNR. Edwin Morgan, Doughty article, University of Toronto Quarterly, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes; T.S. Matthews; RG. Haltwhistle Quarterly.