Box 8 – 1978

Laura (Riding) Jackson
Letters 1978

To Mark Jacobs


[Note: letters of more than two pages are indicated, eg., ‘12pp’]

3 January. References to MJ’s letter to the Observer, Praeterita; Jim Mathias, T.S. Matthews, Washington Star; Michael Schmidt, James Atlas, Press; Edwin Morgan.

9 January. Reference to L(R)J and review of Sylvia Plath in the Toronto Quarterly, Ted Hughes, RG; George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Carcanet Press, Collected Poems; Jim Mathias.

12 January. Reference to ; Routledge Press, Michael Kirkham; ‘Bias’; Jim Mathias; T.S. Matthews.

14 January. Reference to MJ’s review, Chelsea issue 35; Carcanet,Collected Poems.

16 January. Reference to T.S. Matthews; Jim Mathias; Selected Poems, The Telling, Times Literary Supplement, Donald Davie, I.A. Richards, Michael Kirkham’s review of Selected Poems in the Cambridge Quarterly; Jonathan Cape, RG.

19 January. Reference to T.S. Matthews; Jim Mathias.

30 January. 5pp. Reference to Wexler dissertation; Rational Meaning; Darleena and Shaler Owle;

1 February. 4pp. Reference to Autumn edition of Toronto Quarterly; Sally, RG, A.P. Graves, E.M. Chilver (Principle of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford); Chelsea issue 35, Selected Poems review, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes; Jonathan Cape; Joyce Wexler dissertation; Terence Diggory, Yeats; George Fraser, Jim Mathias’ letter on Washington Star’s review of T.S. Matthews; Japanese article ‘The Question of Bias’

5 February. 9pp. Reference to ‘The Question of Bias’, Stand 1976, RG, Chelsea issue 35; Curtis Brown; the Oxford University Press; The World and Ourselves, George Fraser, Alan Clark; Sally Chilver, Jim Mathias, Michael Kirkham; Critical Quarterly, Essays in Criticism, Critical Inquiry; University of Chicago; Victor Cassidy, Wyndham Lewis; Rigby Graham; T.S. Matthews, Praeterita; Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes; Kansas Literary State review.

7 February. Reference to Alan Clark, Sally Chilver, L(R)J’s 'suicide'.

8 February. Reference to Barbara Adams; Diggory correspondence; Alan Clark.

14 February. 4pp. Reference to letter to L(R)J from Mary Christian McEwan, Alan Clark; Jim Mathias, Sally Chilvers; Virginia Woolf letters; Sonia Raizis; Knolls, Rational Meaning. Letter to MJ from Mary Christian McEwan enclosed.

19 February. Reference to the tape of L(R)J; Sylvia Plath article, Knoll, Harper and Row, Michael Kirkham, Michael Schmidt, Collected Poems, Plath and Doughty articles, Chelsea issue 35; George Fraser, Washington Star; Cape book; T.S. Matthews, Alan Clark, Jim Mathis, Sally Chilvers.

24 February. Reference to the Cape book, Poems: A Joking Word 1930, Goodbye to All That 1929, RG; Sylvia Plath; Alan Clark; Michael Schmidt, Poetry Nation; Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetic, Fugitives, Survey, Chelsea issue 35, English and American Literature.

1 March. 6pp. Reference to issues arising between Alan Clark and L(R)J, Sally Chilvers, RG, Jim Mathias, Michael Kirkham, Sonia Raizis; T.S. Matthews, Honor (AC’s partner).

1 March. 6pp. Reference to Scholarly Press, Contemporaries and Snobs; Alan Clark, Critical Quarterly, Michael Kirkham, Cambridge University Press; Susan Morris, Jim Mathias.

12 March. Copy of letter from L(R)J to Ian Brownlie with reference to L(R)J’s book on language.

12 March. 7pp. Reference to MJ’s current situation; meeting with Jim Mathias and Barbara; Rational Meaning; Selected Poems, 'Bias' article, Alan Clark, University of Toronto Quarterly; Michael Kirkham, Survey. Copy of letter from L(R)J to Barbara Adams with reference to Joyce Wexler, Cornell.

14 March reference to MJ’s situation, George Fraser; tape-recording of L(R)J’s work, Alan Clark; Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics; Survey, M. Pride, Empson, RG, Cox-Dyson book.

14 March. 4pp. Reference to ‘End-of-year’ letter, Jim Mathias; RG, Harper and Row, Martin Seymour-Smith; Sylvia Plath article, Michael Schmidt, Selected Poems.

28 March. 7pp. Reference to John Cotton, Sally Chilvers, Alan Clark, Michael Kirkham, Jim Mathias; Sylvia Plath article, University of Toronto Quarterly, George Fraser, Michael Schmidt; Hugh Gordon, Lewis, Desmond Hammersworth 1932, Anarchism Is Not Enough; Alan Clark.

28 March. Letter from L(R)J to John Cotton with reference to ‘riapus, Rational Meaning; Peter Redgrove.

12 April. 3pp. Reference to L(R)J’s letter to International; Sally Chilver, Alan Clark, Jim Mathias; John Cotton, Rational Meaning; Stephen Wall, Essays in Criticism, Bias, Michael Kirkham’s review of Selected Poems, Cambridge Quarterly, Doughty, RG, Mass, Hudson; Stand, Theodore Wilentz; Sylvia Plath, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan; University of Yale Quarterly; Curtis Brown.  Letter from Ian Brownlie to L(R)J dated 2 April enclosed.

12 April. 8pp. Reference to meeting of MJ, , Jim Mathias and Barbara; 'Question of Bias', University of Toronto Quarterly; Barbara Adams; Peter Johnson; 'The Habits of Linguistic Curtailments’ in Chelsea issue 35; Michael Kirkham, Alan Clark; Sally Chilvers; John Cotton.

13 April. 7pp. Reference to Jim Mathias, Barbara; Alan Clark, George and Paddy Fraser.

21 April. 3pp. Reference to meeting between MJ,  and Jim Mathias; Jim in Oxford, George Fraser, T.S. Matthews; visit of M.C. McEwan; Hugh Gordon Porteus, Theodore Wilentz, Who’s Who in Literature, Martin Seymour-Smith, Geoffrey Grigson, J.H. Prynne; Christopher Ricks; reprinting of Progress of Stories, Ian Brownlie; Alan Clark, Sylvia Plath article, University of Toronto magazine, Doughty essay, Edwin Morgan; Sally Chilvers.

20 May. Reference to Rational Meaning, Jim Mathias, Alan Clark, ; ‘Bias’ article; Collected Poems, Michael Schmidt

11 June. Reference to MJ’s future visit to L(R)J.

12 June. Reference to ‘The Question of Bias’, Alan Clark; University of Toronto Quarterly, Kroll, Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, Jim Mathias, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan.

14 June. 3pp. Reference to MJ’s personal problems; the ‘tape’, Alan Clark, George Fraser, Jim Mathias, Sally Chilvers, Paddy Fraser; ‘The Question of Bias’.

15 June. 3pp. Reference to MJ’s proposal to write a biographical book on L(R)J, George Fraser, Alan Clark; MJ’s future visit to L(R)J.

17 June 10pp. Reference to the ‘Beginning of Year’, Alan Clark, Michael Kirkham; ; Rigby Graham, Seizin Press, The Private Library; Alan Clark, ‘The Question of Bias’; Michael Schmidt, Selected Poems; George Fraser, Jim Mathias, Barbara, Paddy Fraser; Survey; the Fugitives.

29 June. Reference to the ‘tape’, George and Paddy Fraser, Alan Clark; L(R)J’s ill-health; Quarterly article, Edwin Morgan; .

30 June. Reference to ‘A Question of Bias’.

1 July. 3pp. Reference to MJ’s future visit to L(R)J; Barbara Adams.

9 July. Reference to Sally Chilvers, Alan Clark, MJ’s future visit to L(R)J, Jim Mathias, Barbara Adams; Survey, Epilogue, the Telling, Chelsea, Doughty article, Sylvia Plath article, Poems preface; ‘A Question of Bias’.

15 July. Reference to Jim Mathias, MJ’s proposed visit to L(R)J, , Rigby Graham, Seizin Press; the Fugitives, Michael Kirkham, Sally Chilvers.

19 July. Reference to MJ’s future visit to L(R)J, Jim Mathias, , Alan Clark, Michael and Angela Kirkham.

22 July. Reference to Susan Morris and MJ’s journey to the U.S.A.

31 July. Advising MJ on his trip to U.S.A.

1 August. Brief instructions for MJ’s arrival in the U.S.A.

24 August. Letter from L(R)J to MJ and .

1 September. Reference to letters between L(R)J, Michael Schmidt, Jim Mathias and Mr. Arthur Wang; Collected Poems, Sonia Raizis, Chelsea; Bettie Owle, Mary, Darleane and Shaler.

4 September. Reference to Jim Mathias’ telegram to MJ; Bettie; Michael Schmidt; Joyce Wexler, University Microfilms, Alan Clark; Mrs. Dipple, Miss. Lowber Tiers; Chelsea  issue 35. Copy of letter sent to Jim Mathias.

8 September. 3pp. Reference to Jim Mathias, Bettie, Darleane, Shaler; , Rigby Graham; Alan Clark, Rational Meaning.

9 September. 8pp. Rational Meaning, review of Selected Poems, PN Review; Jim Mathias; RG and Kenneth Gay, Deya; Sally Chilver; Barbara , ; George Fraser. Undated. 6pp. David Bromwich, TLS review, Letter, Empson, ‘ambiguity’; RG; T. S. Matthews.

11 September. 8pp. Oxford Gardens and Lady Margaret Hall, Jim and Barbara Mathias; Chelsea issues with L(R)J contributions;  joint article on ‘men and women’; John Cotton and Private Library; Sally Chilver, George Fraser; Rigby Graham, Private Libraryand Seizin Press

12 September. 3pp. Letter to MJ from Bettie Owle.

14 September. Reference to Jim Mathias, MJ,  and Rigby Graham; Michael Schmidt, Rational Meaning, Alan Clark; John Ashbery matter, Salmagundi; letter from MJ to Darleane and Shaler Owle.

15 September. Reference to article on John Ashbery in September issue of Times Literary Supplement by Robert Boyers; Salmagundi, Susan Sontag, ‘A Question of Bias’, Alan Clark, Selected Poems, Michael Schmidt, Martin Seymour-Smith, Thwaite, Jim Mathias; Mrs. Dipple, Lowber Tiers.

16 September. Reference to MJ’s letter to Bettie Owle, Jim Mathias, Michael Schmidt, correspondence between Jim Mathias and Arthur Wang.

20 September. Reference to Michael Schmidt, the Telling, Chelsea issue 35, Jim Mathias, Sally Chilvers; Carcanet Press; Bettie.

21 September. Reference to Jim Mathias, Michael Schmidt, Hill and Wang; Sally Chilvers; Darleane and Shaler, Bettie; ‘Miss Banquet’ story, Lowber Tiers.

21 September. The Telling, Passage 50, male self-imprisonment; .

6 October reference to Rational Meaning; Michael Schmidt, Arthur Wang, Jim Mathias, Queen Mary’s College; Alan Clark.

7 October. Personal letter to MJ.

10 October. 4pp. Reference to MJ’s Leverhulme work, L(R)J’s letter to Miss Bennett; The Close Chaplet, Alan Clark; Jim Mathias; John Pearson, author of Facades, L(R)J’s letter to the Shenandoah; MJ’s review for PN Review, ‘Earth’ poem.

30 October. Reference to Towards A New Psychology of Women, Epilogue, the Telling, Chelsea; Wexler Microfilm, Alan Clark; review of a Russian novel, Theodore Wilentz; Collected Poems, Michael Schmidt, George Fraser.

31 October. Reference to Rational Meaning, Sally Chilvers, Jim Mathias; The Athlone Press, Chelsea issue 35, Sonia Raizis, Alan Clark, George and Paddy Fraser.

31 October (Continuation of previous letter). Reference to Jim Mathias, Sally Chilvers, , Collected Poems, Michael Schmidt, Mr. Wang, Lamont Library at Harvard University; Lowber Tiers; Alan Clark.

1 November L(R)J’s letter to Peter Johnson.  Letter to L(R)J from Peter Johnson enclosed.

3 December. 3pp. Reference to Jim Mathias, Barbara and , Harry Kemp, George Fraser, Sally Chilvers; Wexler Microfilm, Alan Clark; Peter Johnson.

7 December. Reference to Jim Mathias, Peter Johnson, ; Alan Clark, Anthony Dickins, George Fraser, Edwin Morgan, Michael Schmidt, Angela Kirkham, Sally Chilvers, The Close Chaplet, Joyce Wexler; Barbara Adams.

9 December. 5pp. Reference to Jim Mathias, Guggenheim Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts; Wexler dissertation, Alan Clark, Rational Meaning; Russian novel; Chelsea issue 35, Sonia Raizis, Barbara Adams; Sally Chilvers.

10 December. Reference to Sally Chilvers, Dr. Janet Todd, ‘Women In Literature’, Chelsea issue 35, Lady Margaret Hall Library, Selected Poems, Italian magazine, T'he Bondage', the Telling.

17 December. Reference to Jim Mathias; Dr. Janet Todd, Bias article, Alan Clark; , Rational Meaning

21 December. Reference to MJ’s moving house, Jim Mathias.