The Previous Laura (Riding) Jackson Board of Literary Management

Under the terms of Laura (Riding) Jackson's last will and testament the Laura (Riding) Jackson Board of Literary Management ceased to exist on 31st December 2010 and its holdings and copyright responsibilities, with the exception of work already assigned or to be assigned to publishers and others, have now passed to the University of Cornell, NY. All permissions for republication of Laura (Riding) Jackson's work or portions of her work should now be sought from them. The conditions as listed below, as they applied to the Laura (Riding) Jackson Board of Literary Management, are offered as a guide only. Cornell University may amend these according to their practice.

Standard conditions for reproduction of work by
Laura Riding / Laura (Riding) Jackson

1. That the poem (or other work) be reproduced with perfect accuracy.

2. That proofs be provided in time for their accuracy to be checked before the publication goes to press.

3. That a standard acknowledgement to the copyright holder always be printed. A specimen of the full version (which may occasionally be abbreviated by advance agreement) is: "The Forgiven Past" from The Poems of Laura Riding, by Laura (Riding) Jackson. Copyright ©1938, 1980. Reprinted by permission of Carcanet Press, Manchester, Persea Books, New York, and the author's copyright holder.

4. That a production-fee be agreed and promptly paid on publication.

5. That the copyright holders be sent two free/voucher copies of the complete book (or periodical-issue), if World permission has been granted.

6. [Poems only] That a standard statement as to Laura (Riding) Jackson 's renunciation of poetry normally be printed. This may either accompany the acknowledgement-line, wherever that appears, or be incorporated in neutral editorial matter, e.g. informative headnotes; biographical notes. (By advance agreement, this requirement may occasionally be waived, or the statement be shortened, e.g. when it accompanies very short poems/quotations or when the typographical character of the publication precludes the full statement.) The current statement is:

"In conformity with the late author's wish, her Board of Literary Management asks us to record that, in 1941, Laura (Riding) Jackson renounced, on grounds of linguistic principle, the writing of poetry: she had come to hold that "poetry obstructs general attainment to something better in our linguistic way-of­-life than we have".

The persons listed below comprise the ex-editors of the Board of Literary Management before it ceased in 2010 and are the current founders of the present website:

Dr Mark Jacobs

General website editor

Mr Jack Blackmore

Website editor

Mr Alan J. Clark

Website author

Mrs Elizabeth Friedmann

Website author

Dr John Nolan

Website author

Mrs Joan Wilentz

Website author