Letters to Editors

Letters to Editors


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D. III. Contributions to Books

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'World's End' = 'Weltende' [poem used as epigraph, with German paraphrase] in Strich Drunter! [Good-Bye To All That, by Robert Graves, translated into German] von G.M.Treviranus.-Berlin: Transmare Verlag, 1930.

'A Letter' [declining to contribute], in Americans Abroad: an anthology, ed. Peter Neagoe.-The Hague: Servire Press, 1932.-pp. 326-327.

'Preface To These Poems', in The Natural Need, by James Reeves.-Deyá, Majorca: Seizin Press; London: Constable, 1935.-pp. 7-8. ['Preface…' is a poem, from which the book's title is taken]

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['The Fable Of The Dice', from Experts Are Puzzled, 1930, with extracts from author's comment of 1971 on the story, here first published; with discussion by Alan Clark] in The Predicament Of Man: An Examination Of Policies For The Future, ed. Maurice Goldsmith.-London: Science Policy Foundation, 1972.-section 5, pp. 12; 16.

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'Letter' [Jan. 5, 1985] [declining to contribute], in Kanreki: A Tribute To Allen Ginsberg, pt. 2, ed. Bill Morgan.-New York: Lospecchio Press, 1986..-p. 73. [No L.(R.) J. work in pt 1: Best Minds: A Tribute To Allen Ginsberg, ed. Bill Morgan, Bob Rosenthal; same publisher & year]

'In A Café' [reprinted], in In transition: A Paris Anthology; Writing and Art from transition magazine 1927-30, ed. Noel Riley Fitch.-London: Secker & Warburg, 1990.-pp. 182-183.

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'World's End' (from Love As Love, Death As Death [1928]) [poem used as 'introductory motto'], in Good-Bye To All That: An Autobiography [1929], by Robert Graves; edited, with a biographical essay and annotations, by Richard Perceval Graves.-Providence RI; Oxford: Berghahn, 1995.-p. 3.

'Mademoiselle Comet' [story; reprinted] in The American Prose Poem: Poetic Form and the Boundaries of Genre, by Michel Delville.-Gainesville FL: University Press of Florida, 1998.-pp. 57-58.

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'From Modernist Poetry 1926' [sic] by Robert Graves and Laura (Riding) Jackson [sic]; 'From The Word 'Woman' 1934-35' [sic] [reprinted], in Modernism: An Anthology of Sources and Documents, ed. Vassiliki Kolocotroni, Jane Goldman, Olga Taxidou.-Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1998.-pp. 433-439; 479-485.

[Letters to Donald Gallup 1952-1986; quoted passim], in 'Laura Riding Jackson'[sic], in What Mad Pursuits!: more memories of a Yale librarian, by Donald C. Gallup.-New Haven CT: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, 1998.-pp. 143-166.

'The Human and the Universal', in Laura (Riding) Jackson & the Promise of Language: Catalogue of an Exhibition, October 1998-January 1999, by Margaret F. Nichols.-Ithaca NY: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, 1998.-pp. 35-38.

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