Letters Written By Laura (Riding) Jackson


These letters and other material of scholarly interest, such as working copies corrected in the author's hand, Rational Meaning being just one of these, may be found in the Nottingham Trent University Library Archive (Clifton Site) to whom application to view should be made in advance.

Laura (Riding) Jackson
To Mark Jacobs

Box 1 1971
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Various Letters, Pamphlets, Reviews

•        Autobiographic Letters

•        Letters and commentaries on Joyce Wexler’s dissertation on Laura (Riding) Jackson

•        Modern Language Association Seminar

•        Letters and papers relating to the ‘Seminar on Laura Riding and Robert Graves’, Modern Language Association1975

•        Letters on ‘The Question of Bias: Some Treatments of Laura (Riding) Jackson’

Commentary on T. S. Matthews and Jacks or Better

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•        Letters from James F. Mathias, President of the Guggenheim Foundation

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•        Various Letters (G. S. Fraser, etc.)

•        Letters from Sally Chilvers (Principal of Lady Margaret Hall and niece of Robert Graves)

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Autobiographic Letters

Provenance: Mark Jacobs

Referenced 0643-0652

12 letters offering autobiographical information by Laura (Riding) Jackson to MJ,

February 1976 to May 1977

11 Feb 1966/0561
Reference Arrival in England 1926; Almost Forgotten Germany, A Survey of Modernist Poetry, A Pamphlet Against Anthologies, Seizin Press and Hammersmith

4 March 1976/0562
Early life; New York, Schooling

17 March 1976/0563
Return to USA, Schuyler B. Jackson and family and Thomas Matthews

Late March 1976/0564
Summary of movements and life

9 May 1976/0565
Life/work view; Seizin Press, Robert Graves and Majorca

20 June 1976/0566
A Survey; Edwin Morgan and Prof Tolley

1977/0567 [?no date]
Epilogue and Alan Hodge; Contemporaries and Snobs ‘Poetry and the Literary Universe’

No date/0568
First contacts with Schuyler B. Jackson, 1938-9

2 May 1976/0569
School and Cornell

Early reading of books up to Cornell