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A Survey of Modernist Poetry

Contemporaries and Snobs

A Pamphlet Against Anthologies

Anarchism Is Not Enough

Four Unposted Letters To Catherine

Experts Are Puzzled

Everybody's Letters



Progress Of Stories

Convalescent Conversations

A Trojan Ending 

The World And Ourselves

The Left Heresy In Literature And Life

Lives Of Wives

The World And Ourselves

Selected Poems: In Five Sets

The Telling

It Has Taken Long

First Awakenings: The Early Poems

The Word 'Woman', And Other Related Writings

A Selection Of The Poems Of Laura Riding

Rational Meaning: A New Foundation For The Definition Of Words

The Sufficient Difference: A Centenary Celebration of Laura (Riding) Jackson 

The Poems Of Laura Riding: A Newly Revised Edition Of The 1938/1980


The Close Chaplet