PIA Contents

'The Person I Am'

A new book in 2 Volumes by Laura (Riding) Jackson edited by John Nolan and Carroll Ann Friedmann
Series editor Mark Jacobs 

The Person I am

Volume One

Editors’ Introduction ix
Preface: To Make Sure 15
Introduction To A Life-Report 17
Chapter One: The Person I Am 48
After-Piece for Chapter One: The Risks 77
Chapter Two: The Person I Am:
The Subject In Extended Perspective 85
Chapter Three: The Matter of Literary Rating 136
Chapter Four: Backgrounds 171
Chapter Five: Importance [abridged] 195
Chapter Six: Righteousness: The All-Pervading Theme 221
Chapter Seven: Make-Believe Criticism 271
Chapter Eight: The Biases of Modern Intellectuality 294
Chapter Nine: Engaging In The Impossible 318
Notes 359
Note on the Text 362
Appendix: Contents of Volume Two 364
Index 366

Volume Two

Editors’ Introduction xi

Part I
Life and Letters
Is There A World For Literature?—Is There
Literature For A World? 17
The Principle Of The Thing 42
Literary Mentioning, Literary Prejudices,
And A Special Case of Favorable Criticism 69
Verdicts 79
Interest 88

Part II
Figures of Association
About The Fugitives and Myself 105
On Relations With Allen Tate and Caroline Gordon 123
Opportunism Rampant [abridged] 127
Hart Crane: The Pity Of It 160
As To Published In Paris (By Hugh Ford) 172
The Work of Len Lye: On My Pamphlet-Treatise Len Lye
and the Problem of Popular Films (Seizin Press, 1938) 179
As to Jacob Bronowski 190
Further on J. Bronowski 193

Part III
Points in Brief
Judgement of One Another 197
My Dispositions To Others 199
Trust 203
Speaking From Principle 206
The Case Against And For My Thinking-Speaking Ways 207
An Attempt To Get Under The Skin Of Certain
Difficulties Between People In Matters Of Mind 212
One’s Words 215
Letters of Correction, Protest, Denunciation, And Chiding 216
On Success 217
On Change 219
Comment On the Weakness of Judgement that very
frequently characterizes the responses of people
to whom a bad course of behavior or action
is presented for acceptance as unexceptionable 220
A Simplest View Of The Literary World And Myself 221
Some Personal Background For the Seminar on My
Poetic Work 223
Localistic After-Confidence 228
Change, Change, The Preserver 233

Part IV
Extracts from Correspondence
Extracts from Correspondence 235

Part V
New Thoughts on Old Writings
A Commentary of 1967 in Introduction of Epilogue
Volumes I, II, and III (1935, 1936, 1937) 293
For Later Readers [of The World and Ourselves]
(Thoughts of 1969 on Thoughts of 1938) 301
Commentary on A Survey of Modernist Poetry 318
What ‘Kind’ of Book? 323
A Covenant 324
Notes 333
Note on the Text 338
Appendix: Contents of Volume One 343
Index 344