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B. Poems - Contributions to periodicals 
[Up to 1926 as Laura Riding Gottschalk; 1927-1939 as Laura Riding. Also included: translations, group reprints; excluded: single reprints]

1923 - 1927 | 1928 - 2000


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'Fine Fellow Son Of A Poor Fellow', The Enemy, 3, 1929. pp. 88-89. [Facsimile reprint, ed. David Peters Corbett.-Santa Rosa CA: Black Sparrow Press, 1994, contains note, pp. 110-111, on the four published versions of this poem]

'What Is There To Believe In', Blues, 2, Fall 1930, p. 34.

'A Letter To Any Friend'; 'Be Grave, Woman'; 'The Need To Confide'; 'The Reasons Of Each'; 'Divestment Of Beauty', Epilogue I, Autumn 1935, pp. 220-227.

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'On A New Generation'; 'Because Of Clothes'; 'The Wages Of Eloquence', Epilogue II, Summer 1936, pp. 250-252.

'I Remember'; 'The Forgiven Past'; 'The Cycle Of Industry'; 'When Love Becomes Words', Epilogue III, Spring 1937, pp. 140-148.


[Fourteen poems reprinted], Chelsea 12, September 1962 pp. 10-27.

'Poet; A Lying Word' [six poems in English, with French translations of these and of the title-poem]: 'La Terre'; 'Toute Chose'; 'Et Si l'Infini n'Ėtait Que Temps'; 'Et Moi'; 'Le Monde Et Moi';' Tant De Questions Que De Réponses'; 'Poéte: Mot d'Imposture' [traductions Anne de Staël et André du Bouchet], l'Ėphémère, II, Automne 1969, pp. 378-403.

[Eleven poems reprinted, with note], Denver Quarterly, 8(4), Winter 1974, pp. 34-47.

[Six poems reprinted, with a note, 'Where Poetry Ends', by Alan J. Clark], P.N.Review, 22, 1981, pp. 26-30.

'Lamenting the Terms of Modern Praise': a private statement by Laura (Riding) Jackson [poem, with notes by the author and by William Harmon], Chelsea 47, 1988, pp. 3-6.

'In Response to A Manifesto Circulated by The Union of Concerned Scientists'; 'Out From The Skies' [in 'Interview with Laura (Riding) Jackson'], Chelsea 49, 1990, pp. 23-24; 26. [and in 'Laura (Riding) Jackson in Conversation with Elizabeth Friedmann'], P.N.Review, 78, March-April 1991, pp. 74-75.

[Nineteen poems from First Awakenings], Chelsea 52, 1991, pp. 12-39.

[Nine poems reprinted, with a Note by Robert Nye], P.N.Review, 100, November-December 1994, pp. 7-9.

'Le Pourquoi du Vent'; 'Mainmise sur le Monde' [traductions Lionel Destremau, en 'Dossier Laura Riding'], Revue Prétexte; Littératures Contemporaines, 1, novembre-décembre 1994, pp. 23-31.

'In Gratuitous Witness', by Laura (Riding) Jackson, London Review of Books, 17(17), 7 September 1995, p. 24.

'Laura Riding e a Poesia do Pensamento' [four poems in English, with Portuguese translations, essay, and notes] por Rodrigo Garcia Lopes, Medusa: revista de poesia e arte (Curitiba, Brasil), 8, dezembro-janeiro 1999-2000, pp. 17-21. ['O Mundo e Eu'; 'O Porquê do Vento'; 'Por causa das roupas'; 'Ŏ Vocábulos do Amor']

'On Exactitude' [with author's note], by Laura (Riding) Jackson, Chelsea 69, December 2000, pp. 28-29.

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