Robert Graves's Debt to Laura Riding

Michael Kirkham

Contemporary Misogyny: Laura Riding
William Empson and the Critics: A Survey of Mis-History

Mark Jacobs

Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the English Association 2015. (Please use the links below.)

Against the Commodity of the Poem (Part 1)
Against the Commodity of the Poem (Part 2)
Andrea Rexilius
February 2014

Rewriting History, Literally: Laura Riding's The Close Chaplet
Mark Jacobs
Originally published in Gravesiana.

The three essays that follow by Jack Blackmore  Julia Fiedorczuk and Annet Jessop were papers given at The Laura (Riding) Jackson Conference in 2010. I am grateful to the authors for permission to reproduce them. It is hoped that several essays will be published on this page in the near future from other delegates at the conference. Essays and contributions are also invited from scholars and readers of Laura (Riding) Jackson's work for consideration for inclusion. Please email in the first instance.

One Self
Jack Blackmore

A Home of Words: Laura (Riding) Jackson's The Telling
Julia Fiedorczuk

Laura (Riding) Jackson in the Twenty-First Century
Anett Jessop

Other Essays

Review of The Person I Am by Morag Shiac in Keywords, Number 10, 2012

Delmar Winter 2002, No. 8
Reprints Though Gently, the Seizin Press 1930, with responses from commentators and critics. This is an important reprint of a very scarce limited edition. (The web-site, however, appears to have lapsed.)

A Question of Bias: Some Treatments of Laura (Riding) Jackson
by Mark Jacobs and Alan Clark

Laura True-Teller and Other Fairy Tales
An essay on Progress of Stories
by Ray Davis

Letters written by Laura (Riding) Jackson - in the Nottingham Trent University Archive holdings

A Selection of Letters

This brief selection of letters below from the Trent University Library Archive is intended to convey something of the variety and content of Laura (Riding) Jackson's workaday life, illustrating her personal dealing with her correspondents, her comments on people and aspects of the literary world, and the arrangement of her own writing-work. They illustrate close-up her personal focus on her correspondents and her grasp of what is happening in the world at large, literary or otherwise. Her letters are never less than personal, always highly sensitive to the recipient and his or her circumstances, and they lie at the heart of her published work. Many a sentence or idea would first arise from some intuitive insight in response to what a correspondent might say in a letter, to later find its way into published form, which she often indicated was her intention in the body of a letter. But always the letters were fresh and personal. Other letters will be added in due course.

To William Empson  - December 13 1970

Letter to William Empson November 11 1970

The World And Ourselves, A Personal Letter from Laura Riding

Reply from Naomi Mitchinson March 1, 1937 - pertains to The World And Ourselves, 1938

Transcript of a letter of reply to Naomi Mitchison, March 6, 1937

Reply from Naomi Mitchison,  March 9 1937

Letter of Reply from Laura Riding

Letters Addressed to Mark Jacobs

Letter on Hart Crane - 21 July 1975
Transcript of a letter undated circa August 1975

Letter 9 February 1974
Letter 4 February 1976
Letter 7 April 1976
Letter 16 January 1978
Letter 1 February 1978
Letter 12 April 1978

Transcript of a letter to the Times Higher Education Supplement, April 7, 1976

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